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Retail Merchandizing Design
奥维思拥有超过 30+创意设计人才
服务 100+ 品牌,支持各类线下营销设计需求
Innovative designs with sharp insights to grasp business opportunities
Focus on sales-driven creative designs
50+ talented 2D&3D designers
Servicing 100+ brands to support retail marketing design requirements
Across 7 industries ( Fast-moving Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage,
Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, IT & Electronics, Banking & Finance, Alcohol &
Tobacco, Automotive ).
Case Sharing
Diversified design
Diversified design
“L'Oreal Men's World Cup 2018” Roadshow

巴黎欧莱雅(L'OREAL PARIS)是欧莱雅集团里知名度最高、历史最悠久的大众化妆品品牌之一,主要生产染发护发、彩妆及护肤产品,其出众的品质一直倍受青睐。奥维思为欧莱雅打造了男士世界杯路演活动。

L'Oreal PARIS is one of the most well-known and historical public cosmetics brands in L’Oreal Group. Hair dyes, hair cares, make-up and skin care products are the main products of it. The outstanding quality of L'Oreal has always been favored. Always held a “Men's World Cup” Roadshow for L'Oreal.

Lancôme Beijing Han Guang Department Store Christmas Event



As a world-famous high-end brand, Lancome set foot in many areas, such as skin care, make-up and perfume. Always and Lancome made efforts together, set a celebrity Christmas tree in Beijing Han Guang Department Store. Christmas wishes and the beautiful Christmas song really made a special Christmas gift.

Huawei P20 First Sales Roadshow

华为的又一款具有突破意义的重量级热销手机HUAWEI P20 AI智慧全面屏手机,2018年年初在上海世纪广场举行了首销路演活动,由奥维思精心打造。

Huawei P20 AI smart full-screen cell phone is a groundbreaking and high-selling series. Always created a fabulous first sales event at Shanghai Century Square in 2018.

2017 CLEAR Fresh Offline Roadshow/ 2018 CLEAR Men’s World Cup Roadshow


CLEAR is the research crystallization of the French CLEAR Technology Center. The added value of it is anti-dandruff by “Vitamin Mineral Group”. Always has held several roadshows for CLEAR.

2018 多芬致臻植萃系列新品上市
2018 Dove Botanic Selection Series


DOVE is a world-famous women brand, which has nearly 50 years history. It is one of Unilever's most valuable brands. DOVE has three “Sakura” series, following the personal beauty trend. Always and DOVE worked together, hand in hand with the hot IP "love and producer", creating a love rain at Shanghai JOY CITY.

"555 SPHERE" KOL Trial Event


As the brand’s first double-blasting product in China, "SPHERE" has its own unique advantage. It tastes smooth like the English tobacco, added with the popular mint blasting, having a cool flavor like a kaffir lime. "555 SPHERE" KOL Trial Event was held in Shanghai and Beijing.

MORTON Iodized Sea Salt Packaging and POSM Display


MORTON SALT Lt, Co. is an American-Sino Joint Venture factory founded by Shanghai Salt Holding Company. The main product is MORTON Water Softener and the Special Salt for it. The packaging and terminal POSM Display of the glass bottles were designed by Always.

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